Greenwood BC Farm Market, June 5th

We did even better today than at Rock Creek yesterday! Lots of repeat business too! We cooked extra last week because I am heading to Fort Mac for business after my high school reunion in Calgary next week. And we had even less left after the Markets this weekend than we did last weekend!

Greenwood is a great place! Lots of heritage buildings. Tomorrows Treasures is a great place. Stop for coffee and then walk across the street (Hwy 3) and look at the great art and treasures they have. Carved horn, wood and stained glass and many other beautiful pieces.

We have nothing left, except 3 jars of Bean Salad, 1 of beans 1 of Strawberry Rhubarb Jam and 6 jars of spaghetti Sauce!  We only have a jar of pumpkin pickles, canned beans and Cinnamon Hearts Applesauce left from last year. The Spaghetti Sauce is so good, we are not going to sell it, but keep and use it. Too Yummy! We tried something different this weekend. We made some humus and it went over well. All got sold!

Central Gardens from Gand Forks came to the Market! Yum! Fresh veggies from their greenhouse! We bought a pile of green beans and some asparagus. This will be canned tomorrow. along with some strawberry jalapeno barbecue Sauce, strawberry Daquari and Margarita jam and (maybe) some Blueberry garlic will be in jars by Tuesday and Dave will have lots to sell!!

As Always, if you want something special, let us know. If we can find the fruit/berries/veggies and have the recipe, we will make it for you. We specialize in small (7 jars max) canning!

Note: to all participants in the market, I’ve numbered the pictures. Please state the Picture Number and what you are brining to the next market and I will include it in the next post!

Dave and Barb

Now the Greenwood Farm Market pictures:

Old Smelter Stack

1. Lotscar Park - Old Smelter Stack


2. Berryman Farms


4. Beary Good Stuff

If you were a vendor and You are not in one of the pictures, I apologize. The batteries went dead! Write about it in the comments! Tell us what you are taking to the next market!

Can’t wait for the next market!


About badkowalik

Prepared by hand and cooked in small batches – our preserves are cooked slowly. There is an average of 1.5 pounds of fruit in every 8 oz jar. Not only can you taste the difference – you can see the difference. Beautiful natural color and unmatched textures – that can only be achieved by the patience and experience of the Confiseur (the maker). There is alchemy to what we do. Like fine wines, each season has it’s own specific style. We create preserves with exceptional taste. Capturing these flavors is the craft of our business. Beary Good Stuff is a collection of seasonal, sustainable, artisinally made preserves. The collection is made (in limited quantities) from local fruits using traditional cooking methods. We use the freshest ingredients we can get. The small batch production insures a taste and texture that is unmatched in the commercial market today. The collection includes preserved fruits & vegetables – marmalades, jams, fruit butters & salsas, pickles and gift collections that reflect the bounty of the season and spirit of feasting. Although not necessary yet, we have received a letter from the BC Heath Authority. We submitted a package detailing how and where we made our products, what each recipe contains and how we prepare it. This letter is displayed in our tent at the Farm Market. We have our BC MarketSafe and FoodSafe certifications.

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