What an incredible week!

We sold so much this week I think I am going to need to clone myself to keep up with the demand. We sell our wares at 2 different markets. Tuesday and Friday in Grand Forks, BC and Saturdays in Osoyoos, BC. They are both busy and we have been making great sales at both, but they are as different as night and day. The Grand Forks Market is more local folks and the Osoyoos Market is tourists, both are heaps of fun!

We made 3 new items last week that will soon be joining our list of regular items.

Pickled Asparagus With a TwistThe first was the Pickled Asparagus – With a Twist – this is different from our regular Dilled Asparagus. It is from an old recipe, that I had forgotten about and rediscovered when I wanted to do something different with the second pickled asparagus batch I made last weekend. This is the Pickled Asparagus described in this post.

GE DIGITAL CAMERAThe second was White Wine and Rosemary Jelly. This is a local dry white wine and a rosemary infusion made from steeped rosemary from our garden. WOW!!! This morning I opened one of the jars from the batch tasted it and I was blown away.  I am going to take photos and publish the process this week.

3 Pepper JamThe third was 3 Pepper Jam – this combination of red and orange sweet peppers, jalapeños, onion, garlic, lime juice and sugar is one of the freshest pepper preserves I have ever tasted. Like the White Wine and Rosemary Jelly, we sold it all!

I also had 1 Spectacular Failure – that actually turned out OK.

Margarita JamOne very popular product is Margarita Jam. When I make it I squeeze fresh orange juice (as well as limes)  as part of the process. The oranges were Sevilles but when I cut them in half, the sections were reddish, almost like a Blood Orange and they changed the jam to a weird greeny brown. To make the jam more green, I tried to add a few drops of green food color. As I squeezed, the little plastic thingy that makes the drops – popped out and more than a few drops ended up in the pot! The result was “Koolaid” Green!  I was going to toss it but instead thought I would try it at the market. It was a success too! People LIKED the color, even the regular Margarita Jam buyers!.

This last week, we also used up the last of last summer’s Bing Cherries that were in the deep freeze. We made Cherry Rhubarb Jam, Cherry Wine Preserves and Cherries Jubilee Jam. We also made 4 loads of Blueberry Garlic Jelly and 4 loads of Tequila Jalapeño Jelly, 1 of Apricot and Jalapeño Jelly, 1 of Merlot Jelly and more Strawberry Banana Jam.

Now, besides the Blueberry Garlic, Tequila Jalapeño, White Wine and Rosemary Jelly and 3 Pepper Jam, I wonder what other delectable delights I should make this week…




About badkowalik

Prepared by hand and cooked in small batches – our preserves are cooked slowly. There is an average of 1.5 pounds of fruit in every 8 oz jar. Not only can you taste the difference – you can see the difference. Beautiful natural color and unmatched textures – that can only be achieved by the patience and experience of the Confiseur (the maker). There is alchemy to what we do. Like fine wines, each season has it’s own specific style. We create preserves with exceptional taste. Capturing these flavors is the craft of our business. Beary Good Stuff is a collection of seasonal, sustainable, artisinally made preserves. The collection is made (in limited quantities) from local fruits using traditional cooking methods. We use the freshest ingredients we can get. The small batch production insures a taste and texture that is unmatched in the commercial market today. The collection includes preserved fruits & vegetables – marmalades, jams, fruit butters & salsas, pickles and gift collections that reflect the bounty of the season and spirit of feasting. Although not necessary yet, we have received a letter from the BC Heath Authority. We submitted a package detailing how and where we made our products, what each recipe contains and how we prepare it. This letter is displayed in our tent at the Farm Market. We have our BC MarketSafe and FoodSafe certifications.

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  1. Congratulations on a great week. Hopefully this will lead to a super selling season.

  2. I quite like the electric green color! Everything you make sounds so incredibly YUMMY….great combinations – no wonder you’re such a HIT at the markets!!

    Pam (and Sam)

  3. I agree – Green is always an eyecatcher and I love green things :o)

  4. meowmeowmans

    Congratulations! We’re happy things are going so well! I especially loved that the green failure was so popular! 🙂

  5. Yay!!! Soon you will need some helpers to keep up with all the people who want your tasty treats! 😀

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