Things we do with Apricots!

The Osoyoos Market was busy today!

We had a blast and sold out of 4 different items: Strawberry Coconut and Vanilla Jam, Tequila Jalapeno Jelly, Gooseberry Jam and Cherry Lemonade Jelly.

Next week will be hot, hot hot in our kitchen on Sunday and Monday!  We are off to the Grand Forks, BC Market on Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday we move to a local commercial kitchen for 2 days a week of canning.

Today after the market, we went up to Peach Hill Fruit Market to return their plastic cases we got our last lot of cherries in. Peach Hill is 5 kms north of Osoyoos on hwy 97 and I have to say they have one of the best markets! They have a wide selection of fruit and produce (most grown by them) as well as local honey, pickles and preserves. They are well worth a stop to buy your eating or canning fruit.

And we bought 12 pounds of Apricots (even though we are expecting a lot of scapes over the next few days).


One of our best sellers at the Farm Market is Apricot, Red Green and Jalapeno Pepper, Garlic and Onion Jelly.

Apricot Pepper

This recipe started when we visited my Aunt about 8 years ago. She took us to a restaurant and asked me if I could reproduce the sauce they used on their chicken. It took me 4 or 5 attempts and when I finally figured it out (to my Aunt’s satisfaction) I thought it would make a great jelly! Apricot Pepper, Garlic & Onion has been a favorite at the farm market since we started selling our wares 4 years ago. Previous years we only made it about once a month over the summer, but this year, we will try to make sure our customers can get it more.

When we got home we put all the apricots in a big tub in the back yard, filled a couple of large bowls with a mild lemon and water solution and washed, halved and pitted all the apricots. We then brought them in the house, washed them again, dried the fruit a little and vacuumed sealed it in bags. We got 6 bags of apricots in the freezer for juice, one lot on the stove making juice and one bag to make some Apricot & Rainer Cherry Preserves. Marrying Apricots with sweet cherries is much more interesting than just Apricot. The sweet flavor of the cherries plays off against the tartness of the apricot. Eating this jam in the middle of winter always makes me think of the hot sunny days in the Okanagan.

I will try to post the process of making this jam this week as well as what to do wiith a zillion garlic scapes!





About badkowalik

Prepared by hand and cooked in small batches – our preserves are cooked slowly. There is an average of 1.5 pounds of fruit in every 8 oz jar. Not only can you taste the difference – you can see the difference. Beautiful natural color and unmatched textures – that can only be achieved by the patience and experience of the Confiseur (the maker). There is alchemy to what we do. Like fine wines, each season has it’s own specific style. We create preserves with exceptional taste. Capturing these flavors is the craft of our business. Beary Good Stuff is a collection of seasonal, sustainable, artisinally made preserves. The collection is made (in limited quantities) from local fruits using traditional cooking methods. We use the freshest ingredients we can get. The small batch production insures a taste and texture that is unmatched in the commercial market today. The collection includes preserved fruits & vegetables – marmalades, jams, fruit butters & salsas, pickles and gift collections that reflect the bounty of the season and spirit of feasting. Although not necessary yet, we have received a letter from the BC Heath Authority. We submitted a package detailing how and where we made our products, what each recipe contains and how we prepare it. This letter is displayed in our tent at the Farm Market. We have our BC MarketSafe and FoodSafe certifications.

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  1. meowmeowmans

    Oh! Apricot and Ranier Cherry Preserves sound SO delicious! Glad you’re doing so well at the Markets!

  2. Kevin, we are doing almost too well…I am having trouble keeping up! Today we went with 11 dozen jars and came home with 4….

  3. That’s a great idea to add cherries to abricots.

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