This Last Week and Figuring out a Super Duper Failure

We have been super busy! When we last posted, we were expecting LOTS of scapes and had LOTS of Apricots to clean and freeze.

The Apricots were bagged and frozen, a batch made into juice for our Apricot Pepper, Onion and Garlic Jelly (more on our failure later in the post). We also kept a batch in the fridge to make a new Recipe – Apricot, White Cherry (we used Rainers) and White Wine Jam and then 5 green garbage bags of fresh picked scapes arrived!

I finished the first of the bags Sunday evening and spent Monday slicing up another bag and pickling some of the scapes for the Tuesday Market.

There are a couple of methods for doing it. One is slicing so they are straight

Image from:

We coil our scapes (and although we don’t include the flower bulb, we do include the developing flower).


We also made some Strawberry Vanilla and Coconut Jam, Strawberry Balsamic Jam and 8 Bean Salad .

Tuesday was a Market Day (Grand Forks, BC). We sold ALL of the Strawberry Vanilla and Coconut Jam (thanks Easy’s Mom, you are going to have to send me your address so I can send you a jar)  and we also picked up the ingredients we needed to make our Scape Relish! Wednesday was slice and dice and process day!

After cutting up another bag of scapes, I ran the pieces through the food processor and I processed 2 heads of Cabbage, 3 Red Peppers, 4 Onions. Next all the spices, vinegar, brown sugar and veggies went into our canning pot and cooked for an hour. The ingredients were poured hot into sterilized hot jars and processed for 2o minutes.


In total, we got 12 half pints and 5 pints of Garlicky Goodness!



We also curled and coiled lots of scapes into jars for pickling.

So far we have processed 9 half pints and 6 pints of pickled scapes, add that to the scape relish, that’s $22 for the Midway Girl Guides!!

This week we hope to get through the 3 bags of scapes we have left. Unfortunately they were left too long on the plant and at least 1/2 to 3/4 of scape ends up in the compost, but we should end up donating approximately $50-$75 to the Guides!

Onto the Apricots and the spectacular failure!

ApricotsAfter cutting up all the apricots on Saturday, we made jucie from a batch. When they turned to total mush, and cooled a little, I put them in the jelly bag and left them overnight. The next morning I had a couple of quarts of wonderfully smelling (and tasting) apricot juice. I put the jars in he fridge until Wednesday afternoon.

I started to make our Apricot, 3 Pepper, Garlic and Onion Jelly! It smelled (and tasted) heavenly. I cooked it for the required amount of time, even getting the boiling jelly mixture up to 220 degrees C for 1 minute (usually this means the jam/jelly will set).

The next morning, the jars were still liquid. Apricot Jellies and Jams can take a little longer to set, but this was much more liquidy than usual. Not worried, I put a jar in the fridge and another into the freezer. I then made Apricot, white Cherry and White Wine Jam.

Thursday morning the jars of Apricot Pepper I put in the fridge and the freezer were BOTH still as liquid as they were when they came out of the pot!

Now, I have had trouble getting Apricot Jelly and Jam to set before. The Apricot, White Cherry and White Wine Jam, I though I would leave for at least a week.

We went to the Friday Market in Grand Forks. It was a busy day. We had a great time and sold half our pickled scapes and 4 jars of scape relish.

When we go home the Apricot, White Cherry and White Wine Jam had set. ApricoJam

NOTTthe Apricot 3 Peppers, Garlic & Onion! I looked exactly the same as when I put it in the jars. I re-made it Friday night.

Saturday morning, it looked like this:

Apricot4I left it home. We sold ALL of the Apricot, White Cherry and White Wine Jam.

ALL of the Strawberry, Vanilla and Coconut Jam (that is 24 jars in one week), All the Strawberry and Mango Jam and ALL of the Garlic Scape Relish (among other products).

When we got home, the Apricot, 3 Pepper, Onion & Garlic Jelly laughed at me! It was still soup!

After much digging, I discovered that too many too ripe apricots in jam or jelly will cause the batch NOT to set!

I have always known that you need some green fruit to help Jams and Jellies to set properly, but I had forgotten. After the Osoyoos market today, we picked some GREEN apricots (and other Fruits and Veggies).

Having added 2 boxes of pectin to this particular batch of jelly, I will put it in our storage cupboard of a month, if it has still not set, I will pass it along to the F.O.O.D. Company (in Grand Forks, BC) to use as a sauce.

And I will make sure there is at least 1/3rd unripe fruit in each batch of jelly and juice I make!

Live and Learn!

The NEXT batch will look like this:

Apricot Pepper



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  1. I love apricot jelly – it’s great for apple tart topping and my mom loves it with farmers cheese (she is crazy!) The funniest thing we bought was apricot-mustard – it was great for BBQ :o)

  2. Isn’t it unfortunate that this is how we become masters of a craft. Hope your Plan B works. If not, sounds like you have a good Plan C.

  3. We never knew that about too many too ripe apricots will cause jam not to set. That’s fascinating!

    Awesome that you made so much for the Girl Guides!

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