Count Down to the Hill’s Garlic Festival in New Denver

We have been accepted to be vendors at the Hill’s Garlic Festival in New Denver, BC  Sunday September 8th. That is 8 weeks away!!!

AND we are excited!


The Hill’s Garlic Festival is in the Top 10 of the World’s Garlic Festivals!  Although the festival will not take place for 8 weeks we wanted to take a road trip (before things get too hectic) to see:

  • How long it takes for us to get there?  Even though New Denver is part of the Kootenay’s, this is a HUGE district. The drive has 2 huge long hills (mountains actually) that we need to climb and descend with our truck and trailer. Now that we have driven there and back, we estimate a 5 hour drive pulling the trailer.MidwaytoNewDenver
  • Where is New Denver? Yes, we knew it was in the Slocan Valley, half way up Slocan Lake, on highway 6, but we had never been there. We were awed by the scenery.


Like our area, many Japanese were interred there during the second World War. New Denver has the The Nikkei Internment Memorial Centre.


It is a museum and interpretive centre, dedicated to the history of the Japanese Canadians that were relocated to internment camps during World War II. The Village of New Denver is about the same size and has about the same population as where we live in Midway. Where the Festival is is in New Denver’s Centennial park, right on the lake.


When we were there today, talking to the Campground host about the festival, ALL of those sites were full of happy campers!!

  • We wanted to know where our Vendors spot was. The campground host was very helpful. She answered all our questions, like:
    • How many people attend? 5-8 THOUSAND!!
    • How much traffic our spot would get? We are in a primo spot (close to the washrooms and the main activities) We will get way more traffic than we anticipated.
    • Where can we set up our trailer?  Vendors camp in the middle.
    • When would be a good time to arrive? In the afternoon of the day before and we would not be as stressed.
    • She was also very surprised we had gotten in this year. There have been other people on the wait list much longer than us. We are feeling really lucky!

The trip was long (for one day). We left home at 9:30 AM and got back at 5:30 PM. There were a ton of tourists in large motor homes going at least 30 kms under the speed limit up and down and around all the corners.

We did do some site seeing (after all, it was our day off and we had never been in this part of the Kootenays before). Highway 6 also eventually ends up in Revelstoke (after a ferry ride) so it could be an alternate route to Calgary.

Now I KNOW I will be canning to the max to get enough product ready. Now I am ready to start tomorrow, I and tackle those 3 bags of scapes!



I have been asked, what exactly is a scape?

Yep - A scapeFor those that don’t know, Garlic Scapes are part of the tops of hard neck garlic plants. They grow a central stalk that grows straight up and then makes one or two curls. A bulge forms where the bulbils  form. Cutting the scape does two things.

  1. It helps the garlic plant force all its energy back in the bulb, so they grow larger.
  2. Gives you a second food source from one plant. You can eat them!







About badkowalik

Prepared by hand and cooked in small batches – our preserves are cooked slowly. There is an average of 1.5 pounds of fruit in every 8 oz jar. Not only can you taste the difference – you can see the difference. Beautiful natural color and unmatched textures – that can only be achieved by the patience and experience of the Confiseur (the maker). There is alchemy to what we do. Like fine wines, each season has it’s own specific style. We create preserves with exceptional taste. Capturing these flavors is the craft of our business. Beary Good Stuff is a collection of seasonal, sustainable, artisinally made preserves. The collection is made (in limited quantities) from local fruits using traditional cooking methods. We use the freshest ingredients we can get. The small batch production insures a taste and texture that is unmatched in the commercial market today. The collection includes preserved fruits & vegetables – marmalades, jams, fruit butters & salsas, pickles and gift collections that reflect the bounty of the season and spirit of feasting. Although not necessary yet, we have received a letter from the BC Heath Authority. We submitted a package detailing how and where we made our products, what each recipe contains and how we prepare it. This letter is displayed in our tent at the Farm Market. We have our BC MarketSafe and FoodSafe certifications.

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  1. It looks like you will have a wonderful time there. What a beautiful place.

  2. I wish I could visit your beautiful place. It looks so peaceful and I’ll bet they have NO vampires there :o)

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