Yesterday in Osoyoos – the Oakna Apple has its Formal Release!

When I left home in Midway yesterday morning, it was dark and just starting to rain.

Driving Ran and thunder stopped just as I went over the summit. Rain stops a lit of marketers from coming, but I wanted to be there for Dave Evans big release of his Okana Apple.

As you saw in my post yesterday, he was on the news and it made the papers.
I crested the hill and saw the Valley.

OsoyoosIt was going to be a Great Day!

We  had Fabulous weather for the Oakna debut!

Before I get into anything else, I have to tell you about the name – Dave said he came up with the name Okana as a tribute to meeting his wife back in high school. “I was laying in bed one night when I was in high school looking through a yearbook and something about an Okana Queen was mentioned,” he said. “I thought of my wife and I really liked that name and it stuck with me ever since.”

Just Dave and MeIt was just Dave, his wife Jeanne, our friend Bill and me – this picture was taken shortly after 8. See the blue sky! And it stayed that way all day.

We had a very busy morning. Lots of people stopped by to taste the apple (and the Apple Pie Jam).

GE DIGITAL CAMERAHere is a shot from my tent into Dave’s and here is Dave eating an apple,

GE DIGITAL CAMERABesides making Okana Apple Pie Jam, I baked an Apple Pie.

Okana Apple Pie

The Okana is a great eating apple. The flavor is similar to a Spartan but a tad sweeter. The skin is thin and the apple is really crisp.

Often, good eating apples do not make good cooking apples, but the Okana does.

It peels well, and slices smoothly. I usually cut quarters into 4 more slices when I make a pie and often the pieces discolor rapidly–not the Okana, the pieces stayed white.

With a pie, apples need to be sweet enough to have a great flavor, but tart enough to absorb the extra sugar used when you make the pie. They need to have juice. but no so much to make the pie runny.

Pkana Apple Pie - Almost all goneThe Okana makes a perfect pie!

I made a standard 9″ pie, mixing 3/4 of a cup of sugar with 2 tbsp of flour, 1/2 tsp of cinnamon and 1/4 tsp ginger. I mix it well, add the drained apple slices (6-7 cups) dot with a little butter and add the top crust.

It was a great pie! It smelled great when it was cooking and when it was cut into. The apple was juicy enough and the pie was moist without being runny but not too dry.

Here are some more links to media coverage on Dave and Jeanne’s new apple:

The Osoyoos Times – Local apple growers about to receive certification to market new variety called Okana apples across Canada

Orchard and Vine Online – Okana Apple Registered

Yahoo Canada – Okanagan Apple Developed by BC Orchardist

He even made the provincial news today on Global BC, When I can find it online, I shall add the link.


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  1. Yes a very good day for the launch of the Okana Apple . Lot of people came to see and taste the new Okana Apple and sample Beary Good Stuff Okana Apple Pie Jam And the apple pie was DELICIOUS Hope to see you all again Next Saturday Sept 28 at Osoyoos Market-On-Main 8AM-1PM

  2. Congratulations to Dave! That is SO cool! That pie looks super delicious.

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