Garlic Powder

Last year I ended up traveling to Calgary doing contract Instructional Design and we did no Farm Markets or festivals. with the fall in the oil price, contract work has dried up. We have an abundance of garlic left over from last fall as we did not plant the garden in garlic for year. I am making some garlic powder.

In the past, we thought garlic powder was a bad substitute for the real thing, minced fresh garlic, but having gotten some Russian Red garlic powder from a neighbor, and used it in a few recipes (like Cowboy Candy (Candied Jalapenos) and Potato Soup, we began to rethink garlic powder and how we can use it to enhance the flavor in our ‘Stuff”.

Garlic powder is made from garlic cloves that have been dehydrated and ground into fine particles. The flavor is garlicky but vastly different than fresh-chopped garlic. It tastes  a little sweeter and has lees of a bite than our usual Russian Red. We have been also experimenting with it on barbeque rubs because it does not burn and become bitter like fresh garlic can. It also tastes great in our meat loaf recipe!

On to Making Garlic Powder!


We want to make 1/4 C. of Garlic Power.


We need 1 cup of peeled garlic cloves.


Then slice it thinly.

Garlic Powder

When I was reading up on line about making Garlic Powder, they said the sprouts would be bitter. Having made our Russian Red Garlic powder before, both with garlic that was starting to grow and garlic that had been just harvested, we have not noticed any difference. But Russian Red is hotter and has a stronger garlic taste than other varieties.

Next we put the sliced garlic in the dehydrator.

Garlic Powder 3

We set the temperature to 145 degrees and turn it on. After about 4 hours we stir the chips and put it on another 4 hours.


When the garlic is dry, its time to make the powder.

Garlic Powder

And put it in the Magic Bullet.


And process until it is a powder.


And it’s done!

Here are the ratios:

1 cup of Garlic Cloves, sliced thinly fills 1 dehydrator tray and makes 2/3 cup of dehydrated garlic, which makes 1/4 cup of powdered garlic.

Try making your own! Its quick and easy. If you don’t have a dehydrator, you can spread your sliced garlic on a parchment paper covered baking sheet. Set the oven temperature to 150 degrees and bake until dry. I use a blender but you can use a coffee grinder, a spice mill, food processor or mortar and pestle until you reach your desired consistency.

Store your garlic powder in an air-tight container in a cool, dry spot or freeze.

Here is a great Info graphic from Prevention Magazine on fresh garlic vs. powdered garlic.




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  1. If we had a dehydrator we’d DEFINITELY make our own garlic powder. I use it a lot in cooking and a lot of fresh garlic cloves as well…………….this looks EASY so I may have to put a dehydrator on my “Wish List” !


    • You don’t have to have a dehydrator, you can use a cookie sheet in the oven. Set the oven for 200 degrees and stir the garlic frequently. It will take 4-6 hours.

  2. Oh I like this idea! Do you have any idea how to protect the hands f? even with thin gloves my fingers smell like garlic :o)

    • I find that lemon juice gets rid of the smell. When I am cutting hot pepper or mangos I wear surgical gloves.

      • thanks, think they are better than the thin thingies… I will try the lemon juice… it’s a little odd to eat an aplle or ice cream with garlic fingers :o)

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