We Missed the Market Today

On Thursday, I drove up to Kelowna for a job interview. Little did I know that my day would become even more exciting.

Around 1:30 pm, a small fire started at the side of Hwy 3.

Fire1At 3:30 I left Kelowna to head home and made it as far as Big White. Here the police stopped me and told me Hwy 33 was closed!

When I asked about getting home, they told me I would have to go to up to Vernon and over to the Farquier Ferry.

Living in a border town, I thought going home through the US would be MUCH faster. After telephoning my husband, I headed back to Kelowna.

Trip1 copy
Rush hour and through downtown, then across the only bridge across the lake, the traffic was AWFUL. Taking about twice as long as it should. Meanwhile, in Rock Creek….

I drove down Hwy 97 to Osoyoos then turned onto Hwy 3 and made it as far as Hume Creek Road. (this is 20k from home).

Trip2 copy

The road was closed and there was no getting through.


Once again, I was turned around and headed back to Osoyoos.
I got to see a new fire that had just crossed the border. Friends from the Market live in that area.


There were 2 helicopters and lots of heavy equipment working feverishly on the fire line.

I watched for a few minutes and then went back to the Timmy’s in Osoyoos.

Timmys copy

There, I and several other lost souls talked about whose houses had burned and where people were evacuating to.

For some news coverage on the fire, click here.


I thought about staying in Osoyoos and then driving through the US to Midway and going over when the border opens at 9 am.


NOOsoyoos is a tourist town and it is tourist season and there were LOTS of displaced tourists. Yes, I could have telephoned several of the other Farm Market vendors for a place to stay, but I was too wide awake and I really did not want to talk.

When the Coffee shop closed at Midnight I headed to the US. There was ANOTHER fire (this one started by a crashed airplane)

Fire2The whole hill behind Oroville was burning! The rest of my trip was uneventful (except there was tons of deers running around)

There5I arrived at the border at 3:30am, but the border was not open until 9, so I tried to snooze.

As the border crossing is only a few hundred metres/yards away from our house, I thought about walking home and coming back in the morning. Not wanting to get into trouble, I stayed.

At 5:30 am it started to gets light and the wind shifted and the smoke moved in.

Borderby 7:30, it got really smoky!

Border2You could not even see Ingram Mountain!

When I got home, I was was really ready for a snooze, and I went for a nap. Dave went out.

Initially we were a little worried the fire would move along the river, but even though it is almost 2800 hectares ( 11 square miles), it looks like it will miss us. We do have our trailer hitched up to the truck, the kit bags are ready if we have to leave and the pets are in the house.

This morning we found out that fires are burning near Oliver (read more here).

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Our hearts go out all those who have been affected by the fires in our area.



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  1. Oh my goodness, that is just terrible, Barb. We are sending purrs and prayers, especially for the firefighters and those in the direct paths of those fires.

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